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Special Accomodations: Lessons Learned from the Disposition of Surplus Institutional Buildings.  Presentation given at Blue Mountan Center, October 2011.


Comments on Environmental Assessment, BOP "Short Term Sentence Acquisition."  March 2011.

Criminal Justice Policy Analysis - Work Samples


Supplemental comments re: Pueblo, CO prison siting.  NEPA comment letter, Jun. 11, 2004.

Comments regarding potential illegality of high copying fees for public records.  Letter to Colorado DOC, May 4, 2004.  

Comments regarding Gov. Bill Owens' letter of Feb. 27, 2004.  Letter to JBC, Mar. 10, 2004.

Colorado prison & criminal justice fact sheets.  Feb. 2004.

Comments re: Pueblo, CO prison siting.  NEPA comment letter, Oct. 28, 2003.

Comments regarding audit of inmate restitution and child support payments.  Letter to Audit Committee, Jul. 7, 2003. 

Issues concerning the siting of a private prison in Prowers County.  Research memorandum, Apr. 22, 2003.

Issues concerning Senate Bill 03-303 / inmate telephone regulationsResearch memorandum, Apr. 6, 2003.  

Incarceration and Correctional Spending in Colorado.  Research report, Feb. 2003. 

Issues Concerning House Bill 03-1256 / lease purchase financing of new prison.  Research memorandum, Feb. 24, 2003. 

Walls of Stone, Bars of Gold: A Politico-Economic History of Colorado's Prisons.  Academic research paper, Nov. 2002. 

Private Prisons and Public Money.  Research report, Sept. 2002. 

Issues concerning the siting of a private prison in Pueblo, CO.  Research memorandum, Oct. 21, 2002. 

Comments on proposed final regulation concerning private company transportation of prisoners.  Rulemaking comment letter, Jan. 28, 2002.

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